Top 7 recommended places to get your new toilet bowl

Every day we spend a good amount of time sitting on a particularly important appliance in our homes, the toilet bowl. Considering how regularly and often we utilize it, it is important to install a comfortable, affordable but still aesthetically pleasing model in our bathrooms. So here we have listed the Top 7 recommended places to get your new toilet bowl.


Ferrara Home Styling

One of the leading toilet bowl Singapore suppliers, Ferrara Home Styling offers sleek modern bathroom accessories for families that are young and young at heart.


Going Green   

As an effort to be more environmentally friendly, Ferrara only offers and deals with products that are water efficient and of which, the manufacturers would also be utilizing safe sustainable production processes as well.


Tailored Services  

Ferrara also provides personally tailored services for customers. Appointments can be made for free consultations regarding topics such as your bathroom renovations and home furniture designs. This really takes customer service to the next level.


Quality Brands  

Besides toilets, Ferrara offers a variety of bathroom accessories from top brands namely: Duravit, Valdama and Knief which demonstrates their quality and workmanship assurance.


6235 0020



39A Jalan Pemimpin #06-05

Halcyon Bldg S(577183)




Wasser Bath Pte Ltd

When it comes to toilet bowl Singapore suppliers, Wasserbath is your go to choice for quality but affordable innovations. With a range of products, promotions and technologies, Wasserbath is your go to choice for bathroom accessories.


Latest technology

Wasserbath is a toilet bowl Singapore supplier company with innovative technologies that will spruce up your bathroom essentials. Their latest modernized contraptions include the water efficient and easy to clean rimless toilet bowl and the sophisticated electronic bidet seat, making your trips to the bathrooms that much more pleasant.


21 years of experience

Being in this industry for the past 21 years, Wasserbath has the relative experience to know what you as a home owner will need in terms of practicality, convenience and style at the same time.


Range of products

Not only does it deal with toilet bowls, Wasserbath also offers a wide scope of products as for your bathroom necessities. Their large collection encompasses products such as toilet bowls, faucets, basins to even Jacuzzis and bathtubs.






469 Balestier Road

Singapore 329841




Universal Union Enterprises Pte Ltd 

Amongst the many toilet bowl Singapore companies, Universal Union Enterprise is another that specializes in bathroom accessories. Over 37 years of experience in this industry has helped them effectively understand what homeowners need in their homes over the years.


Free delivery services            

Not only are their products affordable, Universal Union has also provided free delivery services for whatever items and products you purchase. This would be particularly helpful for items and appliances that might be too bulky or inconvenient to transport with your personal vehicle.

Item exchange policy

Any item bought which you have any second thoughts on, would be free to exchange 1 to 1 in the store.


Quality products do not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. Universal Union offers periodic promotions and discounts which would help you design your perfect home while keeping it affordable but still stylish at the same time.


6749 0007

6743 3852



710 Geylang Road
Singapore 389625





Mobili Living Pte Ltd

Another one of the toilet bowl Singapore suppliers we recommend, Mobili is a one stop shop for your bathroom and kitchen designing needs.


Wholesale prices

We understand how costly furnishing your home and bathrooms might be. With the wide range of products on offer in their showrooms, Mobili offers them at wholesale prices to minimize your expenditure without compromising on quality.



All products are covered with warranties that will allow you to exchange any faulty products with no additional costs bared.



For you to save even more, Mobili has numerous promotions and offers for their products that are sold at discounted prices throughout the year.



6386 9211


Ubi Road 1 #01-66
Oxley Bizhub 1
(S) 408729





W.Atelier Living Pte Ltd

One of the premium and established toilet bowl Singapore companies of choice, they boast a wide variety of products of the highest quality and of a affordable price point.


Premium brands

W.Atelier offers premium quality brands such as Aliseo, Geberit and Kaldewei, to boost the aesthetics of your home’s bathrooms.


Sales & promotions

Periodic sales and promotional discounts are a common theme with W.Ateltier, allowing you to buy that bathroom accessory you always wanted to.



With over 30 years of experience, W.Atelier’s group of experts knows the industry inside and out. They know the best designs to suit the classic, contemporary or minimalistic styles that customers know and love.



6386 9211


Ubi Road 1 #01-66
Oxley Bizhub 1
(S) 408729





Equip-Bathrooms Pte Ltd

A highly established and reliable source for your bathroom accessories, Equip-Bathrooms boasts a wide variety of products of the highest quality that will take your home décor to the next level.


EQUIP ELITE Customer Loyalty Program

Equip-Bathrooms has incorporated the Equip Elite customer loyalty program to reward customers for their support. Loyalty points are earned whenever an amount is spent which can be collected to be exchanged for cash vouchers.


Designer brands         

One of the most exquisite sources for toilet bowl Singapore has to offer, the best workmanship and quality is promised through their use of Europeans brands such as Cielo, Mastella and Tece.


Unique Designs

Partnering with renowned brands, Equip-Bathrooms’ team of designers recognize the best design trends around the world and realize their vision in their selection of products.


T: 65 6338 3838 / 65 6339 5588
F: 65 6338 3737


33 Ubi Avenue 3, #04-35, Vertex Tower B,
Singapore 408868.




Bathroom Warehouse Pte Ltd

The last of our recommended toilet bowl Singapore supplying companies,  Bathroom Warehouse is your go to choice for all your bathroom accessory needs.


Accessibility and Convenience        

With multiple stores around the island, simply find the one closest to you for the added convenience and accessibility.


In house assistance

If you are struggling to design or choose the appropriate items for you homes, fret not as their in house specialists will offer you their advice and expertise.


Weekly Promotions

Everyone likes sales, discounts and promotions. The good news is, Bathroom Warehouse offers clearance sales and promotions every week. So be sure to check out their website for the latest deals.


Contact Address Website
+65 6238 0548


Bukit Merah:

16 Jalan Kilang
Hoi Hup Building
Singapore 159416

+65 6542 0859



25 Changi South Avenue 2
OCH Building
Level 3
Singapore 486594

+65 6264 8831



18 Boon Lay Way
#01-98A / 111
Singapore 609966

+65 6659 0796



33 Ubi Ave 3
Singapore 408868




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