Top 6 Most Affordable Aircon Servicing Companies In Singapore

Yes, we all know how unbearable the heat may be in Singapore sometimes. While we work, our Aircon systems work hard as well. Which is why we need reliable and affordable  servicing options to maintain our beloved Aircon units. To help you make your decision, here are the Top 6 most affordable Aircon servicing companies in Singapore.

Billy Aircon

With over 25 years in the industry, Billy aircon has built up their reputation as one of the most cheapest aircon service Singapore has on the market.


90 days workmanship warranty


A 90 days workmanship warranty is provided for any installation or repair works done as a promise to their technical competence and quality assurance.


No middleman


In some cases, there are certain Aircon service companies who actually outsource their services to other external contractors. As such, their pricings and fees  are charged much higher, whose purpose is to cover their own commission fees.


With Billy Aircon, this middleman is removed, ensuring the fairest and most upfront pricings as possible.


Customer base satisfaction


Unsatisfied customers would not frequently patronise a business if it was not reliable or trustworthy. With overwhelming positive reviews on Google and Facebook, Billy Aircon is one of the most affordable and dependable Aircon service you can find.



+65 9456 0875 

+65 6846 4587 



35 Circuit Road,
Singapore 370035


Socool Aircon Servicing

Another one of the cheapest Aircon service Singapore companies, Socool provides a one stop solution for all your air con servicing needs.


Convenient Online booking

Using their website, customers can utilize their 24 hours online booking page to make an appointment they require. This can be done at your convenience while indicating the nature of the problem and even the appointment time that you want.

90 days workmanship warranty


Aside from their affordable price point, Socool also provides a 90 days workmanship warranty for the parts or air con units that was serviced.


Brand experience


With the numerous brands of air conditioners out in the  market, it is important to know each and everyone works, even the lesser used ones. Socool’s wide industry experience will allow them to inspect and make the carry out the possible action for your units.







22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76,

Midview City

Singapore, 573969