Top 4 Aircon servicing companies Singapore

In a tropical country like Singapore, we as Singaporeans have a love hate relationship with the heat and humidity. Most of the time, we complain about the sweltering heat and just wish to find the nearest air conditioned building. But sometimes, our most beloved air conditioners have their off days too, that is why we have compiled the Top 4 Aircon servicing Companies Singapore has for you!


Heng Hwa Pte Ltd


A team of experienced technicians providing services for chemical cleaning, installation and general Aircon servicing. With their reliable servicing and prices, Heng Hwa aims to provide you with the best air con solutions that are both effective and affordable, ensuring your air conditioning units are performing at a tip top condition.


Free gas refill for 1st time customers


As a token of appreciation for new customers, Heng Hwa offers free gas refill for 1st time patrons.


180 days warranty for parts replacement


When it comes to their professionalism and quality assurance, Heng Hwa also provides a 180 days warranty for any parts that require replacement upon the completion of servicing


No hidden costs


With a  truly transparent and upfront work ethic, Heng Hwa clearly states the cost required before any work is done to protect you from any additional fees to be charged.



9722 4596 (24 hours)
6452 5362 (8.30am – 8pm)



152, Tagore Lane

Singapore 787566




Grade Cool Air-Condition Pte Ltd


Just like their their logo depicts, their workmanships are of the Grade A standards Aircon servicing Singapore companies strive to achieve. With various promotions and services provided, Gradecool is the one for you!



With their services, no GST is charged. Their prices charged are all nett prices, ensuring the best deal possible for you and your family.


3 months’ warranty service


A 3-month warranty is also provided for their professional service workmanship, as part of their quality assurance to you.


1 year parts replacement


For their general servicing, they also include a 1 year parts replacement for any unforeseen issues that might arise after the servicing is done.



Customer Service/ Enquiry: 6747 9707



9004 Tampines Street 93


Singapore 528838





Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd

With a team of professional technicians and experts, Eurohub Aircon is one of the best Aircon servicing Singapore companies. Here is why:


90 days warranty


As part of their company’s professional work ethic, a 90 day warranty is provided for all works, services and repairs done for your air conditioning unit.


European Steam washing technology


With the latest European technology, Eurohub uses the Steam washing technique to eliminate any harmful bacteria, germs & dust mites to protect you and your loved ones.

20 year experience


With over 20 years of experience under their belt, Eurohub Aircon’s team of professionals are the one to call for your air conditioning needs. Now you can have a peace of mind  as you can trust their quality of service and workmanship.




65 6749 7371



25 Kaki Bukit Road 4

#06-44 SYNERGY @ KB

Singapore 417800





Airwin Aircon


Airwin is one of the Aircon servicing companies Singapore has that specializes in Aircon, Refrigerators and even Wine Chiller servicing. Trained and familiar with all popular brands and models, they are adept in their installation, repairs and troubleshooting.


Refrigerator services


As a branch of their services, Airwin provides services for the repairs and maintenance of Fridges. They also service and replace the appropriate parts that may be faulty, namely the:

  • motors,
  • switches,
  • thermo stats
  • heaters
  • condensers
  • fans


Available 7 days a week


Ready to go on any day of the week, Airwin’s experts are ready to help you resolve any of your aircon or refrigerator needs that you might encounter.


Troubleshooting & repairs


With their wealth of experience, Airwin’s team will troubleshoot the condition for your air conditioning and determine the best and most affordable way to repair or service it.



6256 7933



 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #09-05

Northstar @AMK

Singapore 569880




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