Best 3 aircon servicing packages Singapore

As we all know, we need our Aircons to be maintained regularly to keep our homes and offices cool. However sometimes the rates at which we are charged for individual servicings might amount to a lot in the long run. This is where maintenance or servicing packages will come in handy to save cost. So here are the Best 3 aircon servicing packages Singapore has to offer.


Grade Cool Air-Condition Pte Ltd

One of the Best 3 Aircon servicing packages Singapore has to offer, Grade Cool Air-Condition Pte Ltd provides excellent service and workmanship, with the servicing packages to match.


Nett Prices

To keep customer’s costs low, Grade Cool’s services include nett prices only, which removes any additional miscellaneous charges and fees.


3-month Warranty      

As a promise to their professional service workmanship, a 3-month warranty is specially provided by Grade Cool.


1 year parts replacement Warranty           

A 1-year warranty is provided for any unforeseen malfunctions or defects that occur to parts repaired or replaced during servicing, preventing any additional charges that might stack up thereafter.





Customer Service/ Enquiry: 6747 9707



9004 Tampines Street 93


Singapore 528838







AireControl Pte Ltd

Another of the Best 3 aircon servicing packages Singapore companies we have chosen, Airecontrol is one of the most professional but overall more affordable companies to choose from. They include many promotions and discounts for customers that would keep them coming back for more.



As an incentive to engage their services especially for the long term, Airecontrol has several promotions and offers available to keep customers coming back. Vouchers for CapitaLand and even their own inhouse discounts, are specially created to reduce and keep prices affordable for customers when they take up their servicing package.


BCA registered

As proof of their credentials, Airecontrol is certified by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, showing they have met the high technical and quality standards required for this industry.


Trust-SG accreditation

As proof of their credentials, the Trust-SG seal has been accredited to AireControl. This displays their promise to customers of being fair and upfront with their policies, services and charges.




6659 5959



7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5,

#07-57 Northstar @ AMK,

Singapore 569880




Heng Hwa Pte Ltd


For the last of the Best 3 aircon servicing packages Singapore we have picked out for you, we have chosen Heng Hwa Pte Ltd’s team of experts.

No hidden costs  

In order to keep costs low for customers, Heng Hwa Pte Ltd promises to include no hidden costs that might arise after servicing is completed. Charges for labour, parts and servicing is specified at the start and adhered to ensure fair payments for you.


180 days warranty for parts replacement

Even after servicing and your aircon unit is running smoothly initially, sometimes unexpected defects or malfunctions might occur to the parts or repairs done. To counter this, Heng Hwa provides a 180 days warranty for the replacement of parts, preventing you from needing to fork out extra cash to remedy the fault.


Experts in All brands     

Their expertise is clear for all to see as their years of experience have led them to service and encounter all brands of Air conditioners. Their knowledge and judgement will allow them to choose the most effective way to service your Aircon units at affordable rates.




9722 4596 (24 hours)
6452 5362 (8.30am – 8pm)



152, Tagore Lane

Singapore 787566




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