5 Most recommended plumbers Singapore

Tired of flushing money down the drain?  (no pun intended) Think about all the amount of water wasted from our leaky pipes, loose taps and overflowing toilets. Which was all possibly caused by problematic plumbing systems that cropped up at the most ungodly of timings. Fret not, because we hear your calls for help. Here are the 5 most recommended plumbers Singapore has to offer:

HDB Plumber Service Pte Ltd

Specializing and making their name through their experience in HDB (Housing and Development Board) based plumbing services, there is no drain too clogged or tap too leaky that they cannot fix.

Certified by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and with 20 years of experience under their belt, their expertise lies in troubleshooting and fixing any plumbing situation encountered. Their professional services covers all your commercial, residential and industrial plumbing needs as well.


Quick response

They know the importance of a quick response, which can mean the difference in a flooded toilet, or a flooded home.

24 hours standby

Sometimes, a plumbing emergency can happen even in the middle of the night. This is where their 24 hour standby will come in handy and solve any plumbing crisis that you might have whenever you need it.


100 day parts and labour guarantee

As part of their professional guarantee, their workmanship covers all parts of their services for a 100 days.


No hidden costs

Agreeing to the amount bring charged before any screw is even loosened helps protect you from any additional hidden costs that could potentially arise.



8299 8809






CC Plumbing Service Pte Ltd

A team of dedicated plumbing professionals, their expertise spans over 20 years. With quality assurance and their affordable rates, CC plumbing service is the go to reliable source for your plumbing solutions. Ranging from pipes, sink to drainage leakages, CC plumbing has the solution for all your commercial and domestic plumbing issues.



24-hour standby service

Who can really predict when a plumbing emergency might occur? That is why having a quick responding and reliable plumbing service is a must and might just your saving grace for that leaky pipe that will keep you up for hours into the night.


Dedicated region responses 

As small as Singapore is, it would prove to be difficult for a singular team of plumbers to cater to island wide calls. This is why CC plumbing have split their work teams to tend to different regions in Singapore. Dividing their teams into 2, namely the West & South and the North & East, each have their own specific hotlines to best serve you at your desired locations.


30 minutes guaranteed response 

By dedicating separate teams for each region of Singapore, CC plumbing provides a 30 minutes guaranteed response time to tend to your various plumbing emergencies as part of their professional assurances.



9789 7227 (West & South)

6599 9665 (North & East)



50 Tagore Lane #03-11G, Singapore 787494





HW Singapore Plumbing

Plumbing experts first and foremost, they believe in customer satisfaction in their work as their priority. HW Singapore plumbing brings with them over 20 years of expertise, catering to an island wide population with efficiency and reliability.


Quick response and 24 hour availability

Day or night, HW Singapore is on standby to respond to your plumbing needs. A 30 minute response window is promised for any plumbing emergency that arises.


Plumber hotline standby

The best person to speak to during a plumbing emergency is definitely someone that is experienced in this industry. Thus HW Singapore has a plumber on standby for the hotline for any plumbing assistance and advice customers might need.


30 day warranty

A 30 day warranty is provided for every repair and installation works provided. This safeguards your interest and allows you to remedy any issues and problems in the jobs done.



9037 1221 


No. 41A Cambridge Road #01-81, Singapore





Plumbing Hub Express

First coming into the scene in 1984, Plumbing Hub Express boasts more than 30 years in the industry. Over the years, their reputation has been built up with their trustworthy and reliable workmanships. Their wide range of services covers any minor to major plumbing works, leakages or piping congestion issues that can occur.


24 hour, Around the Clock services.

Its is not enough to have plumbing services being available to you, it is also a must for them to be ready to go whenever you require their services. Plumbing Hub Express is on standby 24/7, even catering to your plumbing needs on public holidays within the hour.

90 day warranty

Every servicing and job done would be include a 90 day warranty, covering you for any unforeseen lapses that might appear after a job is completed.

Competitive pricing

Recognizing that there are numerous other plumbing companies available in Singapore, Plumbing Hub Express wants to give you the best and most affordable deal you can get. Thus if you present them a lesser charged invoice done by another company with the similar servicing done, Plumbing Hub Express would effectively match that pricing PLUS an additional 10% discount to ensure the most competitive pricing for you.



6760 6969

6875 0567

81262092 (24 hours)



140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd Singapore 588176





Mr Plumber Singapore

One of the most reviewed and recommended plumbing service companies in Singapore, their professional work ethic is backed by their 10 years of experience in the industry. With thousands of successful job completions under their belt, Mr Plumber Singapore surely is one of the best choices for your plumbing solutions.


Transparent pricings

By checking with the customers beforehand about the nature of the plumbing issue, the cost is determined early on even before a team is dispatched to ensure the fairest and best price is quoted.  This would protect the customers from any hidden costs, which have been proven to occur on occasion with different companies. Otherwise ,an on-site inspection will be carried out to determine the problem and price you would be satisfied with.


Job Warranties

Warranties are provided at different rates for different jobs, to get the best deals possible especially for the biggest and more expensive tasks.


#1 best reviewed Singapore plumbing company

With an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars on both Facebook and Google reviews, this showcases the company’s reliability and reputation in their line of work. These reviews span across the 4 corners of Singapore, with their various branches and personnel doing their best wherever needed.



Main: 6653 6258

WhatsApp: 8750 8753



3 Phillip Street, Singapore 048693





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