3 most reliable aircon cleaning companies Singapore

3 most reliable aircon cleaning companies Singapore

Our Air conditioning units are one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in Singapore. We rely on them heavily to keep our offices and homes cool to combat the heat and humidity in Singapore. If and when they break down however, it is important for us to find the best solutions. Here we have listed the 3 most reliable aircon cleaning companies Singapore has to minimize any downtime, keeping our businesses running smoothly.

Grade Cool Air-Condition Pte Ltd

When it comes to Aircon cleaning Singapore has numerous options to choose from. Grade Cool Air-Condition Pte Ltd is one of the most reliable and efficient companies that provides affordable and quality services.


No obligations

Grade Cool provides free inspections with NO obligations after. Which means even after the initial inspection/troubleshooting, you are not obliged to engage their services if you do not wish to. This allows you to think and make the best decision forward without being put in a spot to follow through.


3 months’ warranty service

A 3-month warranty is provided for service workmanship, to ensure that any unforeseen problems after the initial servicing will be fully covered by the company without you having to fork out extra costs.


1 year parts replacement

Along with their warranty service, they also provide replacements for any faulty parts after servicing is done, for up to 1 year. This would save you additional payments for replacements.



Customer Service/ Enquiry: 6747 9707



9004 Tampines Street 93


Singapore 528838





Heng Hwa Pte Ltd


One of the most effective and affordable Aircon cleaning Singapore companies, Heng Hwa Pte Ltd’s team are experts in chemical cleaning, installation and general Aircon servicing that will keep your air con unit running at its best capacity.


180 days warranty for parts replacement


Even being experts, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause the parts or repairs to not function as they should. That is why Heng Hwa provides a 180 days warranty for any parts replacement, to restore your air con unit to its original working capacity.


No hidden costs


With their quality service, they also embody a proper business ethic which includes no hidden costs upon the completion of your servicing. This allows you to save more without forking out extra cash for any unexpected charges.


Experts in All brands


With their years of experience, they have encountered and serviced numerous brands of Air conditioners. Thus Heng Hwa’s professional technicians know the best and most affordable way to service which ever brand of Air conditioning unit you own.



9722 4596 (24 hours)
6452 5362 (8.30am – 8pm)



152, Tagore Lane

Singapore 787566




Airwin Aircon

Besides being one of the top Aircon cleaning Singapore companies, Airwin Aircon also provides refrigerator maintenance for your office or households

Refrigerator services

As a branch of their services, Airwin provides services for the repairs and maintenance of Fridges. They also service and replace the appropriate parts that may be faulty, namely the:

  • motors,
  • switches,
  • thermo stats
  • heaters
  • condensers
  • fans

Available 7 days a week

Just like any home appliance, refrigerators and air conditioning units too can malfunction or stop working at their usual efficiency at any time. Thus Airwin Aircon’s team are on standby for you everyday of the week to remedy any of those breakdowns.


Troubleshooting & repairs

After being in this industry for many years, Airwin has familiarized themselves with the Aircon and Refrigerator brands that most customers use. This would allow them to trouble shoot and find the best and most affordable way possible to service or repair your appliances.



6256 7933


7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #09-05

Northstar @AMK

Singapore 569880



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