5 Most recommended aircon service companies Singapore

As Aircon Service Singapore companies goes, there are many options available for you to choose from. With the different price ranges, workmanship qualities and service provided, we know it would be difficult to choose the best one. That is why we have compiled the 5 Most recommended Aircon Service Companies Singapore has to offer.


Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd

Despite their company name, Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd are an Aircon service company based in Singapore who have utilized European techniques and equipment to make their servicing and maintenance practices more efficient.


European Steam washing technology

Unlike most other Aircon Service Singapore Companies, Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd moves away from conventional techniques and steam washes the indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser of your Air con units to remove harmful bacteria, germs and dust mites. This would ensure a deeper clean, improving the air quality in your homes and offices.


20-year experience

Eurohub has dealt with various other industries such as commercial, residential and non profit organizations over the past 20 years, being equally proficient in each of them.


90 days warranty

As a commitment to their service quality, Eurohub has included a 90-day warranty for all services provided. This would help replace any faulty parts post servicing without additional costs for customers.



65 6749 7371


25 Kaki Bukit Road 4

#06-44 SYNERGY @ KB

Singapore 417800




Heng Hwa Pte Ltd

Experienced in everything Air con, Heng Hwa Pte Ltd is one of the best sources for quick, affordable and efficient Aircon services. As a leading Aircon cleaning Singapore based company, Heng Hwa Pte Ltd’s team aims to provide you with the best air con solutions that are both effective and affordable.

180 days warranty for parts replacement

Even being experts, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause the parts or repairs to not function as they should. That is why Heng Hwa provides a 180 days warranty for any parts replacement, to restore your air con unit to its original working capacity.


No hidden costs

With their quality service, they also embody a proper business ethic which includes no hidden costs upon the completion of your servicing. This allows you to save more without forking out extra cash for any unexpected charges.


On standby 7 days a week

We never know when our beloved Air conditioners will fail to function, that is why we need a reliable Air con service company that is available every day of the week. Heng Hwa Pte Ltd is the company that can offer you just that.



9722 4596 (24 hours)
6452 5362 (8.30am – 8pm)


152, Tagore Lane

Singapore 787566



Billy Aircon

As a leading Aircon cleaning Singapore company, Billy Aircon is a fully licensed and certified provider for Aircon maintenance services.

25 Years experience

Being in the industry for over 25 years, Billy Aircon has dealt with numerous situations, malfunctions, brands of Air con units and clientele. They know how to approach every case and to correct it accordingly.

90 days workmanship warranty

Billy Aircon provides a 90 days workmanship warranty as a safeguard for any unexpected malfunctions or breakdown of parts /repair work done.

No middleman

A frequent occurrence but not often recognized, the use of an outsourced middleman is a ploy several companies tend to use.  In order to receive a good cut of the payment, companies would charge a higher price to oblivious customers.

Billy aircon recognizes this issue and assures customers that they do not partake in this sort of activity.



+65 9456 0875 

+65 6846 4587 



35 Circuit Road,
Singapore 370035




Grade Cool Air-Condition Pte Ltd

Even with the numerous companies available, an efficient and reliable Aircon cleaning Singapore recommendation may not be that hard to choose. One of which is Grade Cool Air Condition Pte Ltd.

Nett Prices

A great benefit that Grade Cool provides is charging only Nett prices, without GST charges and fees. This would keep the cost to a minimum without any additional costs for the customer.

3-month Warranty

In the event any of the repairs or serviced components of the air con unit malfunctions, they are covered by a 3-month service workmanship warranty provided by Grade Cool.

Part replacement       

In addition to that, a 1-year part replacement warranty is provided for any replacements of parts post servicing or maintenance.



Customer Service/ Enquiry:
6747 9707


9004 Tampines Street 93


Singapore 528838





AireControl Pte Ltd

A team of Aircon cleaning Singapore experts, Airecontrol provides both efficient and very much affordable Aircon services. With over 18 years of experience in this industry, they know what it takes to keep customers happy.


Airecontrol has included several promotions such as: deals for general servicing for a yearly maintenance contract promotion. CapitaLand vouchers or inhouse Airecontrol discount vouchers will be rewarded for loyal customers as a thank you for their patronage.

BCA registered

Being certified by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, Airecontrol has shown they have met the high technical and quality standards required for this industry.

Trust-SG accreditation

Running an honest business, Airecontrol has been accredited with the Trust-SG seal, indicating its commitment to service excellence and credibility to its customers.



6659 5959


7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5,

#07-57 Northstar @ AMK,

Singapore 569880




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